We run the Abacus on a 100% voluntary basis and we are always looking for people to give us a hand keeping the show on the road and the wheels rolling! If you think you’d like to come in and help out on a flexible basis or even come in regularly once or twice a week we’d love to hear from you! Please pop us an email letting us know a little about yourself and if there’s a specific area you’d like to gain experience / help out with.
We look forward to hearing from you!


One thought on “Volunteering

  1. Hi there! I am a photography graduate with a few years of experience in other professional work namely sales and promotions, I am currently looking into studying a masters in curation, and as I don’t have any experience was thinking it was a good idea to get some! I specialised in my degree in more experimental photomontage and surrealist but am interested in a wide range of emerging arts also, like a strong love of graffiti for example!, my favourite artist is Fontcuberta in case you wondered! I met Alex Vann who also worked with you when I did some work in a jessops camera shop and he talked so highly of The Abacus it really made me want to check it out and now I have the perfect excuse, as for helping out I would be interested in getting to know as much as I can about this industry and can be used for anything needed really!
    I look forward to hearing from you!

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