Are you interested in a DIY ethos of showing, curating or organising from scratch your own show / exhibition and just need a space to do it? The Abacus offers a prestigious gallery located bang in the middle of Cardiff, just a couple of hundred meters from the main train and bus station.

The Gallery space is rented at an affordable weekly rate and can be variable in size depending on what you need. When you’re setting up and coordinating your show we can offer support and advice as well as a list of facilities and extras we can offer as part of your event, such as lighting, a bar, a PA, food and so on.

We lean towards the most experimental, challenging and fresh ideas when looking at proposals and are particularly keen on supporting students or unknown artists, giving the the platform to share their ideas with the wider community. Just remember, ANYTHING can be done within the space, as long as it’s returned afterwards!

Send your proposals to theabacusrooms@gmail.com, including your experience, descriptions, examples of work and dates.


3 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. hello, I would be really interested in having a chat with someone about a proposed curated exhibition of local (cardiff and swansea) entry level designers and placement students who have been working on da vinci’s demons. This could include work done for the series alongside more personally generated artworks.

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