In December 2015 we had the news that we’d have to vacate The Abacus in a months time due to our unit being snapped up for a commercial lease by Boots pharmacy. We’d expected to be there until the building was demolished a couple of years down the line, so it came as a big surprise to us all!

However, what will be will be, and we’re taking the decision for change given to us as a positive one! It has been an absolutely beautiful and wild experience with countless incredible exhibitions, workshops, events and experiences had by all involved.

A huge thank you is due to anyone who has ever helped in anyway to bring their ideas to light in the space, donated time, money, artwork, equipment or books, shared stories or skills with a stranger, twiddled a few notes on the piano, run round with a bin bag on a BYOB night or just stepped through the door to say hello. We’ve been graced with the presence of some incredibly talented and inspiring individuals over the time we saw in The Abacus and have come away feeling privileged and enlightened. It has been an absolute honour to have contributed (we hope) to a swelling and colourful underground art scene in the Welsh Capital, one that we know will continue to grow and grow.

Here’s some snippets of the extraordinary closing party which easily saw over 600 people bumble around the building for the last ever time, enjoying some delicious nosh from the Vegan Pizza Co., a ridiculously large free bar (!), music from Drosophila,
Junior Bill, Third party, WaLLZhubat and Slack Happenings, HipiCatLittle Arrow, a bunch of images from the Abacus archive, live painting from The Ladderless Window Ladies, as well as (who could forget) the Abacus Noise Orchestra!

We will be taking a little hiatus now so see you all on the flip side 🙂

Keep Making art, keep making noise and keep ruffling the feathers of anyone who tells you not too…




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