On Friday 24th April we had a great gig with these guys, check out some photos from the show and make sure to give them a listen! Thanks to SWN & The Joy Collective for putting them on 🙂


One of the best bands from the experimental breeding ground around Sheffield, BLOOD SPORT are a delirious dance party that mixes hypnotic guitar, afrobeat rhythms and locked-on post punk minimalism. Raucous live gigs mash up Battles with highlife, This Heat with warehouse brain-bashing, into what the band call ‘aggrobeat’, and we call needling, twitching brilliance.

IMG_6165 IMG_6181


Formed by the guitar half of Bristol’s psychrock miscreants The Naturals, GIANT SWAN are a dense weight of bass and percussion, the two-piece’s telepathy combining to create distorted, disorientating and totally head-nodding music. Part of the Howling Owl family of musical square pegs, with a debut 12″ out now, GS’s throb and pulse loads volume onto repetition, to seismic effect.



In which Cardiff producer Philip Blake makes lush, chiming electronica, sparks resemblances to Flying Lotus and Gold Panda, seeds the internet with a million song shards (recent comp ‘Year One’ is concise, free-to-download catch-up), and plays his debut gig at April 2015’s Swn festival. Live, there are laptop triggers and drumkit bashing, and an all-round warmth and dextrousness you could lose hours in.



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