Look! No Hands! has just come to an end in the Abacus Gallery, and what an ride it was!

We were pleased to host and co-curate the exhibition along with one of the gallery’s interns and artist Sam Wall. Under his vision, the exhibition celebrated psychedelic and imagination driven artwork, delving into the deepest darkest and sensitive parts of the artists mind. With over 30 artists involved, the show gave platform to both Cardiff based artists as well as work being sent from America, France and all over the UK.

The opening night welcomed over 300 visitors and Saw Sly & The Family Drone, Heil Zilla and Spider Kitten give some incredible performances through out the evening.

10982034_10206908544338690_7016046071080127296_n 16920186998_b8ff751469_k 17103602365_0d88954f32_k IMG_5592 IMG_5604 IMG_5646 IMG_5654

IMG_5693 IMG_5680

As I suspect you may have heard, the very end of the evening saw a couple of the exhibitions visitors manage to get themselves locked in the bank vault within The Abacus, something we didn’t even think possible. The two guys who’d only met on the night, had to be drilled out by the Fire Service and we’re luckily completely fine, though relieved to see the light!


The vault however remained full of artwork, including Maria Larsson’s incredible bird sculpture. The following day we had to undertake our own rescue mission to expand the hole in order to save the bird!


IMG_6070 IMG_6081

We found him a new spot to settle and the show remained open for two weeks. If you didn’t get a chance to pop down and see it for yourself – it looked a little something like this.

IMG_6198 IMG_6287 IMG_6249 IMG_6227 IMG_6237 IMG_6255 IMG_6259

A huge thank you to everyone that took part in the show, I don’t think we’ll see/experience another quite like it!

Conclusive artist list:
Nils bertho // Laurence Elliott // Rob Glew // Maximillian Benjamin Hartley // The Dead Hand // Math.I // Laura-Jane Kitts // Mandy May Lane// Alex Waddell // Deremyre John // Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives (Darren Cullen) // Kate Woodward // Maria Larsson // Sam Emm //  Cristina Constantinescu // Tom McCarthaigh // Amelia Seren Roberts // Nikita McBride  // Ekstraternek // Magda Lackowska // Emily Unsworth White // Craig Earp // Ethan Dodd // Gene Mutation // Justin Carroll // Hywel Edwards // Diego Lazzarin // Imogen Hamilton // Gabriel Holmes // Ellie Mawby // Sarah Padbury // Spike Clark // Colour doomed // Helen Bur// Jo Higgs // Simeon Davies // Frankie Fagerty-Evans // Christopher Edward Ranson  // Carlito Juanito // Aidan Myers // Taylor Zepeda // Linzie Elliott // Barrie J Davies // Joe Worthington  // Iwan Ap Huw Morgan // Harrison Banfield // Charl Collier Roberts // Victoria Roberts // Tongdogs // KAZLAND // Fiona Winterflood // Matt Redman

(photo credits to Jo¥ and Helen Bur)


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