A week today we will be bringing you a collaboration between The Abacus and one of the gallery’s recent interns Sam Wall. Look, No Hands is an exhibition that will present a breadth of imagination inspired artwork, focussing on the psychedelic, the untold and the little explored depths of the artists mind.

The opening night, Friday 10th of April, will see several captivating performances launch the show. Audience- participatory, drum-circle mad-men Sly and The Family Drone will headline the evening, supported by the likes of off-beat magicians Heil Zilla and spacy, trippy, doom kings Spider Kitten.

The exhibition celebrates the work of over 30 international and local artists, puzzled together in a salon style manner of varying mediums from life size sculptures, video animations and neon canvases to hand drawn zines and latex moulds. As described by one of the Curators Sam Wall – “The exhibition will be an eyeball massacre and a massage of visionary art to put some fire into your loins”. !

The exhibition will continue until the 26th April, opening Wednesday till Sunday.

Keep up to date with the exhibitions progress on the Facebook event page here.

Tell all your friends and see you on Friday!



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