Open Call: Free submission. 
The Abacus will be hosting a group show ‘Look! No Hands!’ between the 10th – 26th April.
‘LOOK, NO HANDS!’ is an exhibition that will present an array of no holds barred, full on psyche mutation.
Expect nothing but an eyeball massacre and massage of visionary art to put some fire in your loins, accompanied with live music on the opening night.

This is a call out for submissions of visceral and imaginative artwork that seeps out from the caverns of hallucinations, intrusive thoughts, psychedelia, troubles, dreams, desires, manifestations, burnt down buildings and whatever you found at the other end of the rainbow.

Please send all submissions along with details of each piece (title, size, mediums etc) to:samwall329@googlemail.com or modernalchemists@gmail.com or theabacusrooms@gmail.com

If you are not from the Cardiff area and your work is selected for the exhibition, we will email you an address that you can post your work to.

Deadline for submissions 25th MARCH

Exhibition opening night 10th APRIL
Exhibition will run until the 26th APRIL

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