Opening 26th of July from 5pm.

We are hosting an exhibition titled ‘Half Bound’, celebrating the immediacy and democratic nature of paper based artwork. The show will include works on paper, or work where paper plays an integral part; whether drawings, scrawlings, sculptures, installations, prints, books and so on.
As July is international Zine month it seems timely to combine the exhibition opening with a Zine fair. This is an opportunity for self-publishers, bookmakers and comic writers to share, show, swap and sell their work.

At Half Bound you will find independent publications, alongside relevant prints, homespun works, zines and all things personal and idiosyncratic that lye beneath the sun.

Encouraged entrance to the event is simply a book, magazine, zine, comic or other paper document that you have enjoyed and can share / swap with other guests to enable a fully fledged book-swap!

The Opening event will run from 5pm until midnight, hosting the zine fair, book swap and exhibition, plus 3 live bands and musicians, Cardiff’s tastiest hotdogs from The Rolling Hotdog Co. (veggie opts available) and well and a full swinging bar! See you there!


Halfbound poster




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